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Our history

1982 :
LIVING ABROAD has come about through the combined efforts of young people putting all their enthusiasm and professional expertise
at the disposal of foreigners, stationed in Belgium for professional reasons.

1989 :
A new enthusiast joined the Living Abroad team.
After reading an article in the newspaper (Gazet Van Antwerpen) about Living Abroad.

1996 :
For about 15 years now, Living Abroad is assisting people in getting familiar with Belgian social and cultural life,
Again a new enthusiast joined the Living Abroad Team that year.

2004 :
Again a new enthusiast joined the Living Abroad team that year as an independent contractor.

One of the team members left, the independent contractor took his position as managing director.

A new office location was found in Brasschaat.

The two original enthusiasts left the team and Living Abroad welcomes 3 new members in the team. 
After 34 years A fresh new start at the new office location, Kapellen, Klein Heiken 22.

Our future

Realizing the growing need for relocation assistance, we will do our utmost to help all  your foreign staff members
and their families moving to Belgium.

We will be faithfull to our slogan:
" We will take the aggravation so you can feel at home, away from home ".

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